Unwards and Opwards!


I write to you now, dear reader, from the faraway exotic land of Be’er Sheva. I know, it just doesn’t have the same ring as those spicy Indian names, does it? It’s a shame, a crying shame. How tragic to be back home.

Don’t get me wrong. We actually live in a beautiful, amazing country. And yes, it is exotic. But for me, it’s still “just home”. I haven’t traveled enought for that to be the most wonderfully exotic place of all, and before I remedy this, I have some more domestic adventures ahead of me, such as looking up universities and visiting with friends. Which faces me with a major problem — what on earth am I going to blog about now?


2 thoughts on “Unwards and Opwards!

  1. People are amazing, odd, twisted and exalted everywhere. How about Blog from Be’er sheva? Blog from the bus? Truth be told, I’d read anything you write – even if it’s about what you ate for breakfast. I just know I’d never think about breakfast quite the same way afterwards.

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